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Food Tips

Trail Snacks: Zip locks full of jelly beans provide energy without fat content, survive weather extremes well, and provide a variety of flavors. If there is a color you don't like, don't pack it! I also pack separate zip locks of cashew nuts, licorice bites, and raisins.

Baking Tip: Line baking pans such as cookie sheets, loaf pans and layer cake pans, with waxed paper or parchment paper to prevent sticking and simplify clean-up.

Ingredient Tip: Always keep chocolate at room temperature to prevent it form splintering and flying around when chopped; cold chocolate is too hard to cut and the knife may slip and cut you. To chop chocolate in a food processor, chill the chocolate slightly and pulse it just until chopped.

Bread Tip: Yeast will last longer than the specified date printed on the packet if kept in the refrigerator, or even longer in the freezer, for up to a year. If you bake a lot, it is wise to purchase larger amounts and freeze. Place in a tightly sealed plastic or glass container and mark the date of the purchase. Bring to room temperature before using.

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