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The Chamberlain Civic Center

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bgcolor="ADD8E6">Events in February
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
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Taiwan Acrobats 8 pm $16/$24/$36
Carson Quartet 1 p m $8
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Joey Gallway 8 p m $16/$24/$36
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West Side Story 7 p m $24/$36/$64
West Side Story 7 p m $24/$36/$64
Carson Quartet 1 p m $8
Jazz Masters 8 p m $18/$24/$32/td>
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Harlem Choir 8 p m $18/$24/$32
Chamberlain Symphony 8 p m $18/$24/$32
Edwin Drood 8 p m $24/$36/$44
Carson Quartet 1 p m $8
17 19
The Yearling 7 p m $8/$14/$18
20 21
An Ellington Tribute 8 p m $24/$32/$48
Othello 8 p m $18/$28/$42
Carson Quartet
1 p m
Madtown Jugglers 8 p m $12/$16/$20
26 27 28
Robin Williams 8 p m $32/$48/$64

February will be another banner month at the Chamberlain Civic Center with a two day performance of the Tony Award winning musical, West Side Story by the Broadway Touring Company. Tickets are going fast, so order yours today.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Chamberlain Symphony and their special selection of classical music for lovers. The next day, exercise your mind by attending the Charles Dickens mystery, Edwin Drood.

Jazz lovers have a lot to celebrate in February with a visit from The Jazz Masters on February 10th, and then on February 21st, enjoy the music of The Duke with An Ellington Tribute performed by the Jazz Company of Kansas City.

Pins, bottles, plates, and chairs are flying at the Chamberlain Civic Center in February. The Taiwan Acrobats return with another amazing performance. Then, on February 25th, the Madtown Jugglers get into the act with their unique blend of comedy, juggling, and madness.

Enjoy a classical brunch every Sunday in February with music provided by the Carson Quartet. Seating is limited, so please order your table in advance.